Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Hoot!

So, since I cannot knit these days I’ve been doing some sewing projects. I’m not a very good seamstress but I am good at faking it till it looks like something recognizable.

I realize owls are really trendy right now and I’m generally not a trendy person but I also refuse to deny my enjoyment of something just because it is trendy at the moment. To that end, I’ve been working on some stuffed owls!

These guys are a little weird but I think they came out pretty cute! What’s more, they are mostly upcycled materials, the rest are fat quarters. I love collecting fat quarters with awesome prints!

This little guy's body is made from a discarded button down shirt, the green for the feet and eyes is made with scavenged felt, and the lighter part of the eyes is khaki from an old pair of pants. The triangle on top is made from my fat quarter collection. for my attempt, I'm really proud of how he came out!

Lol, this next little guy looks kinda like Frankenstein...Frankenowl! His body is made from an old set of capris, i used the same scavenged felt for the eyes, beak, and to give the feet more structure. The feet, eyes, and triangle are, again from my fat quarter collection!

So the design still needs some perfecting but I'm pretty happy with my creations!


  1. I think they are pretty adorable! Would be a cute addition to a nursery:)

  2. thanks!

    I love birds in general, and the owls are such a nice easy shape to create!