Thursday, December 16, 2010

Franken Hat and Franken Baby!

So, I’m trying to get myself back into blogging more regularly. To that end, I thought I’d follow up my last post with a couple  of my Franken Projects.

As soon as Franken Ball was born, I was excited to make something with it. Since I had no idea how it would knit up, I decided to try it out on a hat. Hats are nice and easy and a good way to see what the yarn looks like in a project.

So I knitted myself this cute little hat with ears! I normally knit my hats with two strands of yarn knitted together. So, for this hat, I used Franken Ball and basic black for the body. For the ears I used Franken yarn knitted with soft, fuzzy yarn.

I loved how random it came out! Also, when I tie the pieces of yarn together to make Franken Ball, I don’t trim the ends, I leave them sticking out and I like the kinda shabby look it adds to projects made with Franken Ball!

The next project I used Franken Ball for was a gift for my cousin’s baby! The momma to be requested something a little edgier than the classic teddy bear. She suggested something with extra legs and eyes. Obviously I didn’t go that route exactly but it was a good jump off point.

So this is the little monster I made for her little monster! Baby Jax is still a little young to appreciate my handiwork but I hope eventually he does come to enjoy the little guy.

Most of Franken Baby’s body is more or less the same as the hat, Franken Ball knitted with black. I got tired of the black and decided to knit the legs with Franken Ball and dark green. The two strands knitted together helps make the weave a little tighter which is good for keeping the stuffing inside. 

I embroidered (sorta) a different face on each side of Franken Baby and actually had the head spikes/hair already lying around.  I had made it for something else and then changed my mind and used something else it made the perfect spikey topper for the little monster.

Franken Hat and Franken Baby are both quite soft and fun to touch because there are so many different textures!

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