Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mother's Day Knitting

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I’m way late with this one, just like with the Father’s Day post. I had originally planned to post most of my projects in the more or less the order I did them and then post as I finished things but its turning out more random than that.

Lol, I was also going to post at regular intervals… the best laid plans, eh?

Anywho, since I posted my Father’s Day Projects I decided tonight I should post my Mother’s Day projects as well.

For dad I chose some classic gifts to make, for mom I had some trouble deciding what to do. I ended up with a pillow and a flower. I found a nifty pattern for a heart though I learned that the heart needed to be knitted in a different color. The hearts are very hard to see in person and don’t really show up in the photos but there is a heart knitted into the center of each pink square and a big heart on the black side. The word “Mom” sewn into the heart…lol it was supposed to be kinda like a tattoo!

The flower design needs some work but I was actually pretty happy with it for a first try!


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