Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phineas The Dragon!

I have always liked dragons. My dad was always into fantasy and sci fi and he got me into it as well. It started with fairy-tales and children’s books about dragons and unicorns, he even made up wonderful stories for me about fairies and far away lands.

I still have a major fascination with all these fantasy elements and dragons are no exception! So it stands to reason that I had to try knitting a dragon!

This little bugger caused me a great deal of annoyance. There are some patterns out there but most were either crochet or utilized techniques I have yet to master. I am far too stubborn to let lack of a pattern or ability stop me from making whatever the heck I want to so I soldiered on.

I drew inspiration from the knit and crochet patterns I couldn’t follow and also from plush dragons made of cloth trying to find a body and head shape I could adapt.

I would get an idea, get really excited and then have it not quite come together and have to put the project down for a few days. All told I think he took about 3 weeks because I kept putting him down and having to undo what I’d started.

For a first attempt though, I’m really very happy with him.

I am proud to present Phineas the Dragon!